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It has been confirmed by Tower Hamlets Council that part of the overall three-year delay in publishing the Serious Case Review (SCR) into the death of Rifat Miah was a year-long delay... Buy Diazepam 20 Mg

Buy Soma Online Us Pharmacy

Publication of a Serious Case Review (SCR) into the death of baby Rifat Miah was significantly delayed by an internal tax dispute at Tower Hamlets Council between the report's authors and the... Order Diazepam Europe

Buy Phentermine Capsules

The Tower Hamlets Local Safeguarding Children Board (LCSB) is publishing two Serious Case Reviews today. One concerns the death of a child in July 2016 (Child Elias) and the second (Baby Adam)... Soma 350 Mg For Sale

Buy Xanax 2

The Tower Hamlets Conservative Group is proposing an amendment urging Tower Hamlets Council spend some of its reserves because these reserves are declining in value. Order Alprazolam 1Mg

Buy Diazepam Teva

Further details have emerged of the allegations of housing fraud against Muhammad Harun and that as a Councillor he was a member of the Housing Scrutiny Committee which covers housing fraud. Buy Alprazolam 3Mg