Town Hall raid ‘excellent boost to campaign’ says Wapping candidate.

What was your reaction to yesterday’s news that the Town Hall was raided by the DCLG at 8am? Orwellian Doublespeak“An excellent boost to our campaign as we can clear the air and... Read more »
Metadata from the two PDF documents shows authorship.

Tower Hamlets Council grants funding – FOI 9087 and 9088

Now where was I? Another quiet day for news in Tower Hamlets so no distractions and on with the little data story I started yesterday.So, two documents in response to one FOI... Read more »

Tower Hamlets Council quote of the day 04 April 2014

Tower Hamlets Council operates on a different planet.This is a well known fact in the East End of London.Just to reiterate this a Council spokesman gave this quote to Ted Jeory for... Read more »

Tower Hamlets grants investigation – DCLG press release

This is the text of the press release just issued by the Department for Communities & Local Government. Secretary of State appoints inspectors to look into allegations made against Tower Hamlets.The Secretary... Read more »

DCLG auditors raid Tower Hamlets Town Hall

This cross post is from the Trial by Jeory blog. Seems only fitting that Ted Jeory should be the one to break this story. Panorama latest: Pickles sends in auditors to Tower... Read more »