Wapping Mole advises Mayor Lutfur on digging strategy

Everyone seems to be talking about the MPS statement re Tower Hamlets and what it means so we are reproducing it below. Update following BBC Panorama on London Borough of Tower Hamlets... Read more »

Brady Youth Forum – Tower Hamlets Council payments

As everyone else (even Ted Jeory) is writing about the investigation into the Brady Youth Forum that is somehow / maybe / probably not / who really cares anymore / related to... Read more »

Tower Hamlets Council payments to suppliers over £500

This is a cross post from Baynes Media. The Wapping Mole thinks that residents of Wapping and elsewhere in Tower Hamlets might find this useful. No idea why.Open data? Open government? How... Read more »

Eric Pickles Statement to Parliament re our Naughty Council

 “Localism requires local transparency, scrutiny and accountability”This is the text of a Written Ministerial Statement made by the Rt. Hon. Eric ‘Let’s pay Lutfur a visit’ Pickles MP in Parliament today. DEPARTMENT... Read more »

Town Hall raid ‘excellent boost to campaign’ says Wapping candidate.

What was your reaction to yesterday’s news that the Town Hall was raided by the DCLG at 8am? Orwellian Doublespeak“An excellent boost to our campaign as we can clear the air and... Read more »