Shadwell by-election candidate Asik Rahman unlikes hate preachers, still likes fusion food

Tower Hamlets Labour Party Shadwell by-election candidate Asik Rahman has apologised for getting caught liking hate preachers on social media. Read more »

Another embarrassing Tower Hamlets Labour wannabe councillor revelation

Parliamentary blogger Guido Fawkes has found that Tower Hamlets Labour’s candidate in the Shadwell by-election Asik Rahman seems to be an admirer of a Dr. Zakir Naik and one Mufti Ismail Menk... Read more »

Comparison of Tower Hamlets Lib Dem, Labour and Conservative Twitter Accounts

Analysis of the Twitter accounts of the three main parties fighting the Shadwell and Lansbury by-elections in Tower Hamlets. For political geeks only. Seriously, it is very dull stuff. Read more »

Mahbub Alam publicly rejects divisive politics of Lutfur Rahman

Mahbub Alam, long time key supporter of Lutfur Rahman, has sent LW a statement in which he publicly declares that the ex-Mayor’s time has passed and he will no longer be supporting... Read more »

Shadwell and Lansbury by-elections to take place on Thursday 7 February 2019

Following the resignations of Labour councillors Amin and Harun the Shadwell by-election and the by-election for Lansbury ward will both take place on Thursday 7 February 2019. Read more »