Rabina Khan, Greenbankgate, THF, Lutfur and that cab fare

This is in response to an email from Cllr. Rabina Khan to a recent post  ‘Same faces, same party, same scam’ (4th May 2015). Ms. Khan is Tower Hamlets First Independent candidate in the re-run... Read more »

Time to rid our borough of the Tower Hamlets First virus

This is the text of a letter I have sent to the Electoral Commission today with reference to the remaining Tower Hamlets First Councillors. Monday 27th April 2015Dear Electoral CommissionerAs a resident of... Read more »

Erlam to stand for Mayor, Biggs pays tribute to petitioners

Andy Erlam, one of the four victorious election petitioners, has announced that he will stand as an anti-corruption candidate in the Mayoral re-run and Labour candidate John Biggs AM has paid tribute... Read more »