How THF grabbed tenants phone numbers for electioneering

During both the 2014 and 2015 Mayoral elections the Tower Hamlets First / Independent / Whatever Party sent residents text messages asking them for their vote.Nothing unusual in that, most political organisations do this.Problem... Read more »

#leafletgate – Tower Hamlets First evades justice once again

The Green Bank #leafletgate incident during the 2015 Mayoral election was confirmation to many that Tower Hamlets First were doing whatever they wanted to do with no regard for the law.Tower Hamlets First ignored... Read more »
Current Mayor of Tower Hamlets

John Biggs is new mayor of Tower Hamlets

And that as they say is that. Read more »

Tower Hamlets election count – live blog

03:51 Friday  12 June 2015 Mayoral election to go to second round votes.No major surprises here, it would have been very odd if this battle had been on first preference votes alone.John Biggs... Read more »

Two mayoral candidates? Or one mayoral candidate?

This photo of an election leaflet from Rabina Khan’s team was forwarded to LW earlier this afternoon.Not being Bengali speakers we do not know what the text says. (See update below).Without understanding the... Read more »