Lutfur Rahman – Met’s criminal investigation gets a whole lot bigger

Operation Lynemouth, the Met’s criminal investigation into the Lutfur Rahman administration, has unearthed new lines of enquiry involving ‘a broader range of offences’ of a scale and nature that another police force... Read more »

Tower Hamlets gives verdict on Lufur Rahman comeback – no thanks!

Lutfur Rahman's attempt to return to Tower Hamlets politics by the backdoor use of the Aspire party has met with total failure as his proxy candidate Ohid Ahmed has lost the mayoral... Read more »

Some advice from a Bengali resident of Tower Hamlets to Lutfur Rahman

Guest post: Some advice from a Bengali resident of Tower Hamlets who is a former well-wisher, supporter and activist of Lutfur Rahman. Read more »

Local council candidate ‘attacked with metal pole’ in Wapping

Aspire Party Councillor candidate Abduallah Al Mamun was 'attacked with a metal pole' and left with a serious head injury requiring hospital treatment while canvassing in Wapping on Friday afternoon. Read more »

Community fight back against Lutfur Rahman? Mystery video emerges

A video with a clear anti-Rahman message is being circulated on social media channels across Tower Hamlets. The source of the video is unknown but the sentiment is clear - it is... Read more »