THH did not authorise distribution of newsletter with RK leaflet

Update 14:34 It has been pointed out that the original headline should have read “THH did not authorise distribution of newsletter with any other materials” but that just didn’t fit.Update update 14:41: This one... Read more »

‘Leafletgate’ – ex-Mayor’s Mela Message

A leaflet distributed at the Boishakhi Mela in Victoria Park on Sunday 17th May 2015 (below) is dominated by a photograph of ex-Mayor Lutfur Rahman and the Tower Hamlets Council logo. Photo below.The Mela,... Read more »

Rabina Khan’s election leaflets delivered inside THH newsletter

Election leaflets for Independent Mayoral candidate Rabina Khan are being delivered inside Tower Hamlets Homes newsletters across Wapping. The leaflets urging residents of the Green Bank Estate in Wapping E1W to 'Vote... Read more »