THF canvassers up to their usual tricks in Limehouse

New allegations have been made that members of Rabina Khan’s canvassing team have lied to obtain access to a residential apartment block in Limehouse E14 today by claiming they were working for... Read more »

Met Police asks for Leafletgate witnesses

New Scotland Yard has asked that anyone that has any information that may assist the Police in relation to the ‘Leafletgate’ enquiry to email or call 101 quoting Cris 421 290 47/15 Click here to see all... Read more »

Time to find out the facts of Leafletgate

Call LW cynical but previous experience tells us that when odd things happen in Tower Hamlets, especially odd electoral things, either nothing happens or very little happens very slowly.To save us all... Read more »

Elaine Bagshaw out and about on the Green Bank

Knock knock! The sound that LW HQ dreads! Could it be the three mystery canvassers of Greenbankgate?Could it be the mysterious man of Leafletgate come to apologise for delivering leaflets for the ex-Mayor’s... Read more »

“Simply too stupid with too much time on its hands”

That’s Love Wapping according to Councillor Shahed Ali, Tower Hamlets First Cabinet Member for Clean & Green.As you probably know Mr Ali is one of the 17 Tower Hamlets First councillors corruptly elected in... Read more »