Lutfur Rahman filmed canvassing for Independent Group

Ex-mayor Lutfur Rahman, banned from standing for public office until 2020, has been filmed canvassing for the Independent Group in Tower Hamlets. Read more »

Those FOI 004/18 – Assessment of application to register Aspire emails

Many borough residents are getting emails such as the one entitled 'FOI 004/18– Assessment of application to register Aspire emails' below from the Electoral Commission which is confusing them. Read more »

Chair of Lutfur Rahman’s Aspire Party standing in Spitalfields

Kalam Choudhury (aka Abu Taher Choudhury), Chair of Lutfur Rahman’s Aspire Party is to be a candidate in Lutfur’s heartland Spitalfields & Banglatown ward in the upcoming May local elections. And Gulam... Read more »

Some questions for Cllr. Ohid Ahmed about ex-mayor Lutfur Rahman

Is Cllr. Ohid Ahmed standing as a proxy candidate for ex-mayor Lutfur Rahman in the 2018 mayoral elections in Tower Hamlets? It is a widely held belief that Cllr. Ohid Ahmed... Read more »

Trick or treating? That free-not-free-lunch puzzle solved

The Wapping Mole has only a very small brain, great for digging but not much else, so Moley was completely baffled by our story about potential voters apparently not being charged for... Read more »