Cash strapped Labour council finds spare £10k for Bangladeshi radio station grant

Bangladeshi volunteer radio station Betar Bangla has been awarded a £10,000 grant by Tower Hamlets council to help it pay the rent. Read more »

President Trump claims Royal London hospital has ‘blood all over its walls’

In an exclusive interview with The Sun newspaper at the start of his visit to the UK US President Donald Trump has made another attack on the Royal London hospital, Whitechapel, claiming... Read more »

Recall elections for bone idle local authority councillors

A 'recall election’ is a procedure whereby voters can remove an elected official from office before that official’s term has ended if they are perceived to be not properly discharging their duties.... Read more »

Ex Tower Hamlets councillor Shahed Ali to pay £180k Proceeds of Crime Award

Shahed Ali, previously a Tower Hamlets First councillor, has been ordered to pay a £180k Proceeds of Crime Award (POCA). Mr Ali was sentenced to five months in jail in 2016 after... Read more »

Closures of Mary Sambrook, John Smith and Overland nurseries confirmed

In Tower Hamlets council’s very own dialect of George Orwell’s Newspeak the childcare service is being ‘reshaped’ and it will ‘consult’ on the closure of the Mary Sambrook, John Smith and Overland... Read more »