It’s silly to try stopping LW publishing facts. Really silly.

After the police meeting at St. Georges Town Hall some months back we were just leaving when we were stopped by Geradine Davies, one of the Turks Head Company trustees. Expecting the usual... Read more »

A Wapping resident who did not get a Wapping Lido letter writes

Continuing today’s theme of the opacity of the Wapping Lido planning application we are publishing a letter from a resident who lives right next to Shadwell Basin who has not – repeat... Read more »

Wapping Lido Planning Application PA/16/01978 Letter

Tower Hamlets Council claims that 639 letters to consider the Wapping Lido planning application on 9th August have been sent out. So where are they? Read more »

Shadwell Basin Lido planning application – latest

Residents have until Wednesday 12 April 2017 to comment on the latest revisions to the Turks Head Company planning application for a lido at Shadwell Basin.  The application number is PA/16/01978 which... Read more »

Wapping Lido planning application submitted – your views count

Formal planning permission for a lido in Shadwell Basin – aka the Wapping Lido – has been submitted by the Turks Head Company (not the cafe, the charity in the offices above... Read more »