#holewatch – Special Bat Planning Edition!

There is nothing the Wapping Mole likes more than a bit of digging. Well, apart from a HUGE amount of digging. The reason Moley likes digging so much is that he never... Read more »

#holewatch King Henry & Phoenix Wharves latest

Very little to report about activity at the King Henry and Phoenix Wharves development site today.  The Council issued a brief statement from Cabinet Member for Strategic Development Cllr. Rachel Blake yesterday: “We... Read more »

#holewatch – Mystery of Large Hole Deepens at Brewhouse Lane

Today has seen little activity at the site of the proposed King Henry / Phoenix Wharves development next to Brewhouse Lane but lots oin activity behind the scenes by the Council. You... Read more »

Residents asking what’s with the hole at King Henry’s Wharves development

#holewatch Live Updates Update from Beatrice Danesfield (@BeatriceDanesf1) via Twitter 15:15 hrsThe digger is gone. Dust from the six foot high pile of soil that remains is already being blown into neighbouring homes. Update... Read more »

Mechanical digger already at work on King Henry’s & Phoenix Wharves site

Two dozen residents attending a meeting to discuss the controversial Construction Management Plan (CMP) for the redevelopment of the King Henry’s Wharf/Phoenix Wharf site last Thursday morning (6th April) only for a mechanical digger... Read more »