King Henry Wharves & Phoenix Wharf Planning Development Update – Guest Post

The proposed building development at King Henry's Wharf, Phoenix Wharf and land opposite is the subject of careful scrutiny by Wapping residents. Read more »

King Henry’s Wharves – new CMP rules out river transport on cost grounds

Yet another revised Construction Management Plan (CMP) has been submitted by the King Henry’s Wharf, Phoenix Wharf and Swan Wharf developer Bridewell (Thames) to Tower Hamlets Planning which includes a detailed analysis... Read more »

#holewatch – Special Bat Planning Edition!

There is nothing the Wapping Mole likes more than a bit of digging. Well, apart from a HUGE amount of digging. The reason Moley likes digging so much is that he never... Read more »

#holewatch King Henry & Phoenix Wharves latest

Very little to report about activity at the King Henry and Phoenix Wharves development site today.  The Council issued a brief statement from Cabinet Member for Strategic Development Cllr. Rachel Blake yesterday: “We... Read more »

#holewatch – Mystery of Large Hole Deepens at Brewhouse Lane

Today has seen little activity at the site of the proposed King Henry / Phoenix Wharves development next to Brewhouse Lane but lots oin activity behind the scenes by the Council. You... Read more »