King Henrys Wharf development – fox family chased from their home

Last night an alert resident spotted the fox family that lives in the waste ground in Brewhouse Lane opposite Phoenix Wharf being chased from their home by two men with a dog. Read more »

Two years of traffic chaos bad, four years worse

Brewhouse Lane development raises possibility of four year long traffic chaos in Wapping possibility of Wapping Rose Garden being destroyed.  Read more »

Brewhouse Lane development consultation – report and information boards

Yesterday the Brewhouse Lane development consultation was held at Tobacco Dock and we sent along the entire LW Planning Application Scrutiny Team to have a look.  Read more »

New property development at Brewhouse Lane Wapping

Wapping residents have discovered yet another property development at Brewhouse Lane overlooking Wapping Rose Gardens, one of the most precious green spaces in our community. Read more »