Post-blitz Wapping – 1948 photos show our community rebuilding after Second World War

A series of photographs capturing Wapping as it rebuilt after the Second World War entitled 1948:Docklands before 'Docklands' has been published. Read more »

Great Crested Grebes nesting on Shadwell Basin – photo story

A pair of Great Crested Grebes are nesting and mating on the south side of Shadwell Basin. Grebes are fantastic birds to watch but seem to be hopeless nest builders as our... Read more »

Mr Burns gets his (Tesco) sprats

The entire Love Wapping management and editorial team wish to apologise for this week’s excess of heavy duty electoral corruption stories and make amends by bringing you some photographs of one of... Read more »

A night walk through peaceful Wapping

As a balance to some of the stories we have been running recently our weekly editorial meeting decided to just write about something normal.So we sent the LW Normal Things (So Normal... Read more »

Bugger Brexit – here are some nice borough bollards

 It seems that every conversation today is about the Brexit crisis – so prompted by the work of Tower Hamlets History Archive who are tweeting photos of digitised film photos of bollards we... Read more »