Current threat level for terrorism in the UK is now CRITICAL

The UK Government’s Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre has decided that the current threat level for terrorism in the UK is now CRITICAL.  This is the highest level and means an attack remains... Read more »

Metropolitan Police update on policing London public events after Manchester attack

Below is an edited version of an official statement by the Metropolitan Police regarding policing public events in London.As a consequence of the attack in Manchester the Metropolitan Police Service has increased... Read more »

Anti-Terrorism: Keep your eyes and ears open today

After the attack in Manchester everyone needs to be extra vigilant today for anything suspicious you might see or hear that could indicate a terrorist attack.  If in doubt trust your instincts and... Read more »

Three women arrested in East London for terrorism offences

Officers from the Met Police Counter Terrorism Command carried out raids at three addresses in east London early this morning. The exact locations of the raids is not yet known.According to a police... Read more »

Counter terrorism incident in Harlesden – information from MPS

Below is the official statement from the Metropolitan Police about the police raid on a house in Harlseden on Thursday 27th Apri during which a suspect was shot by armed officers. This... Read more »