Reality of Youth Services activities begins to emerge from Council smokescreen

Details of the dubious activities of Lutfur Rahman’s Youth Services team slowly seep out from the Town Hall yet many questions remain unanswered – one of them being if the officers responsible... Read more »

Youth Service payment cards – “A damning but flawed report”

Following up LW’s previous story of the Youth Workers going on a spending spree using council payment cards under Rahman’s watch we sent the Wapping Mole to the Audit Committee meeting last... Read more »

Revealed: Massive payment card spending spree by Lutfur Rahman’s Youth Services

A £91,000 spending spree over a two year period by a single Tower Hamlets Council Youth Worker during the administration Lutfur Rahman is just one of the details of uncontrolled spending by... Read more »

Corruption, fraud, nepotism – that Youth Services email in full

In response to a Freedom of Information (FoI) request LW has obtained the original email message read out by Deputy Mayor Cllr. Rachael Saunders in response to the political party / group /... Read more »

PREVENT linked Youth Service scandal in Tower Hamlets

Allegations of serious misconduct including fraud and corruption by Tower Hamlets Youth Service personnel under disgraced ex-Mayor Lutfur Rahman have emerged after a remarkable speech by Deputy Mayor Cllr. Rachel Saunders at... Read more »