Youth Services: No prosecutions due to incorrect ‘packaging’ of evidence.

LW can exclusively reveal that there will be no criminal prosecutions of any Youth Services personnel as persons unknown claim that evidence submitted by the Council to the police was rejected as it... Read more »

First Employment Tribunal case of Tower Hamlets Youth Services worker

What is believed to be the first case concerning a member of the Council’s Youth Services team has started to be heard at the East London Employment Tribunals Service.The hearing is between... Read more »

Rahman’s Youth Service workers employed to authenticate Register of Electors

A little while ago LW published a Freedom of Information (FOI) request asking the Council some basic questions relating to the people it employs to check that the Register of Electors is... Read more »

Youth Service Rapid Response Trucks – some more details

Here is some more detail on those Youth Service trucks. This is a a response to a Members Enquiry (ME) by then Cllr. Gloria Thienel way back in 2013.  The subject is... Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: How Lutfur Rahman used Youth Services to steal an election

“I saw the kids getting off the [Youth Service] bus with these postal vote envelopes. Reason I know they were postal votes was because it says LBTH on the envelope and I... Read more »