GLA grills Met Police today over electoral fraud inaction

This morning the Greater London Authority Police and Crime Committee have invited the Metropolitan Police along to City Hall to have a little chat.The subject is one that is close to the... Read more »

How to steal a (Tower Hamlets Mayoral) election – Infographic

In April 2015 Lutfur Rahman, the first directly elected Executive Mayor of the London borough of Tower Hamlets, was found guilty of electoral fraud in the 2014 Mayoral election and banned from... Read more »

Half of all UK voting fraud allegations reported in Tower Hamlets

Out of 455 allegations of electoral fraud that have been reported to Scotland Yard in the last five years half came from Tower Hamlets.The figures are contained in published correspondence between Sophie Linden, Deputy... Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: How Lutfur Rahman used Youth Services to steal an election

“I saw the kids getting off the [Youth Service] bus with these postal vote envelopes. Reason I know they were postal votes was because it says LBTH on the envelope and I... Read more »

Met Police continues to deny reality of corruption under Lutfur Rahman

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) still seems incapable – or unwilling – to grasp the nettle that is extensive and systematic electoral crime in Tower Hamlets.“Ghastly” is the word used by Cllr.... Read more »