Strongly worded leaflet will combat electoral fraud in Tower Hamlets

Next year’s local elections will see the first trial of mainland UK voters being required to prove their identity at polling stations before casting their ballot. But not in Tower Hamlets. Read more »

Tower Hamlets excluded from 2018 voter identity pilot

Tower Hamlets residents voting in the 2018 local and Mayoral elections are to be excluded from the pilot of a scheme that requires voters to prove their identity at the ballot box.The... Read more »

Electoral Commission fraud report – long on statistics, short on action

A report published today by the Electoral Commission, Analysis of cases of alleged electoral fraud in the UK in 2016, makes painful reading for anyone who knows the reality of electoral fraud in... Read more »

Lutfur Rahman charges: “The decision about all of this was made by the police.”

Below are some of the key elements taken from the official transcripts of the GLA Police & Crime Committee meeting Thursday, 9 February 2017  convened to examine the actions (or lack of action)... Read more »

A ruthless search for the truth? Not in Tower Hamlets.

The below is the content of an article by Giles Broadbent of The Wharf entitled “A ruthless search for the truth. Not in Tower Hamlets” reproduced by kind permission of The Wharf”.... Read more »