King Edward Memorial Park (KEMP) meeting 2nd November

The next meeting of the King Edward Memorial Park Community Liaison Working Group will be on Thursday 2 November at 19:00 so why not pop along and see what is happening to... Read more »

Wapping Lido planning application approved by Development Committee

The planning application for Wapping Lido submitted by the Turks Head Company and Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre was approved by the Development Committee this evening with one vote against. Two Wapping residents,... Read more »

Wapping Lido application – anyone fancy revolting at the Town Hall?

Tomorrow 7pm Wednesday 9th August the Council's Development Committee will be meeting at the Town Hall to examine the Wapping Lido Planning Application PA/16/01978. Why not come along? Meet-up at 6.45pm... Read more »

What’s up Amanda? Are we not allowed to express our views on Wapping Lido?

It seems that our previous post about the attempt to stop us writing about the Turks Head Company has touched a nerve as Amanda Day is a trifle miffed. Read more »

It’s silly to try stopping LW publishing facts. Really silly.

After the police meeting at St. Georges Town Hall some months back we were just leaving when we were stopped by Geradine Davies, one of the Turks Head Company trustees. Expecting the usual... Read more »