Biggs – no joint plans with Turks Head Company, no s106 cash for Lido

Official from John Biggs Mayor of Tower Hamlets regarding the Turks Head Company, the Lido and the £3.1m Tideway s106 cash.  Read more »

KEMP planning event – statement by Turks Head Company

John Aldenton of Turks Head Company has stated that the KEMP planning event  has been organised for the Community Liaison Working Group. Read more »

Turks Head Charity ‘planning weekend’ for KEMP exposed

The KEMP ‘planning weekend’ taking place this weekend is not quite what the Turks Head Company claims it is. Read more »

Plan to remove ‘King Edward Memorial Park’ from the map.

A proposal by local charity the Turks Head Company to rename King Edward Memorial Park as ‘Shadwell Park’ has emerged ahead of a ‘planning weekend’ organised by John Aldenton’s charity on 13th,... Read more »

King Edward Memorial Park (KEMP) Masterplan

Content on this page is copied from the King Edward Memorial Park (KEMP) Masterplan. Links to original documents below. Introduction The masterplan for King Edward Memorial Park (KEMP) was commissioned by the... Read more »