Lutfur Rahman verdict – solicitors tribunal judgement imminent

Lutfur Rahman may discover the reality of his future careers options as early as today as the formal judgement by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal seems to be nearing a conclusion.  Read more »

Tribunal hears evidence of Rahman’s corrupt use of council grants

Evidence of the corrupt allocation of council grants by Lutfur Rahman and Tower Hamlets First has been given at Rahman's solicitor tribunal hearing. Read more »

Lutfur Rahman fails to wriggle out of Solicitors Tribunal hearing

Lutfur Rahman has failed in his latest bid to avoid justice before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal. Read more »

Crunch time for Lutfur Rahman at Solicitors Regulatory Tribunal hearing

Ex-Mayor Lutfur Rahman is to attend a four-day hearing at the Solicitors Regulatory Tribunal tomorrow that will determine the fate of his legal career. Read more »

Labour bribery affair – ‘Shuks’ Khalisadar denies all allegations (video)

Local businessman Abdul Shukur ‘Shuks’ Khalisadar has published a video on social media in which he denies any wrong doing or involvement in offering or paying bribes to anyone. Read more »