And the identity of the Three Mysterious Canvassers is…

Dunno.This morning I received a response to my FOI request (9653) to Tower Hamlets Council asking who the three nice ladies were who came knocking on my door.This is the text of... Read more »

Greenbankgate the Movie: More women, more details, more mystery.

Look, I don’t go looking for this sort of thing. Honest.But it just so happens that I was at home today on the glorious Green Bank Estate when I noticed two women... Read more »

Greenbankgate: another letter from Mayor Lutfur

I am I the only person in Tower Hamlets who is getting so many letters from Mayor Lutfur Rahman that I have difficulty keeping track of them? OK it’s flattering and all... Read more »

Three ‘kings’ canvassing for Father Christmas in Wapping

The entire Love Wapping Team was just beginning the task of peeling a large quantity of sprouts this morning when there was a knock on my door.Now due to previous events the... Read more »

Investigation clears Tower Hamlets Homes over Greenbankgate

Tower Hamlets Homes has published a report that makes it clear that it was not anyone working for the Tower Hamlets Council Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) who knocked on the door... Read more »