Letter from Mayor Lutfur re Wapping Woods Lighting

Why Mayor Lutfur, with all these letters you are surely spoiling us?

Well it’s been a quiet week here at Love Wapping HQ. Apart from a blog post being the centre of an Emergency Motion at a Tower Hamlets Council Meeting of course. But... Read more »
Sign, Wapping Dock Street

‘Greenbankgate’ – the Emergency Motion that caused all the fuss

Below is the text of the Emergency Motion that was proposed and passed at a meeting of London Borough of Tower Hamlets Council on Wednesday 27th November 2013.Emergency motion – Canvassing allegations... Read more »

Cross post from Tower Hamlets Labour Party re ‘bogus canvasser’ in Wapping

Below is the post from the Tower Hamlets Labour Party website regarding my mysterious encounter the other week. Police should investigate bogus canvasser allegations Lutfur Rahman under pressure to cooperate with all... Read more »
Sign, Wapping Dock Street

Fraud probe to be launched into Tower Hamlets funding / canvassing / voting ‘irregularities.’

For those of you not on Twitter here are the highlights from Ted Jeory’s live coverage of the Tower Hamlets Council meeting last night. It’s amazing what a real journalist can do... Read more »

Tower Hamlets Homes ‘staff’ canvassing for Mayor Lutfur in Wapping

I try and avoid issues of party and local politics in Love Wapping, mainly because other people know this subject far better than I but also because I don’t want to generate... Read more »