Revealed: Source of Wapping Gardens ASB tracked down to council run Youth Centre

Eye witnesses and victims of the violent Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) in Wapping Gardens have identified the youths causing the problems as being from Wapping Youth Centre. The Youth Centre, and the ‘children’... Read more »

Met investigation into Lutfur Rahman fails to find any wrongdoing

The Met’s investigation into any possible criminal offences during the Lutfur Rahman administration, Operation Lynemouth, has drawn a blank with the exception of one unspecified “potentially serious criminal offence”. Read more »

Outcome of council investigation into Docklands Handicapped Group

One or other of our loyal readers may remember that long, long ago (March 2016 no less) and far, far away we wrote about the curious case of £300k payments made to... Read more »

Raines House Wapping and the non-existent community groups

Exactly what has been going on at Raines House prior to the £1.3m refurbishment of the building is still unclear despite a heavily redacted response to a Freedom of Information ... Read more »

Lutfur Rahman – Met’s criminal investigation gets a whole lot bigger

Operation Lynemouth, the Met’s criminal investigation into the Lutfur Rahman administration, has unearthed new lines of enquiry involving ‘a broader range of offences’ of a scale and nature that another police force... Read more »