New building developments across Wapping

A Perfect Storm – will Wapping be choked by new developments?

News that the development of London Dock may require another vehicle entrance in Vaughan Way has highlighted an issue that could affect everyone in Wapping. A Perfect StormThere are currently four building... Read more »

High Speed Internet Starts To Crawl Across Wapping

Much excitement in <heart> Wapping HQ this morning after reading a little tweet from Wapping resident James Dunbar linking to this page on the Telephone Exchange site which states: Wapping Exchange Is... Read more »
Sign, Wapping Dock Street

Help ‘Gigabit Gloria’ bring high speed BT Broadband to Wapping

Hiya!Most of us don’t have a choice of broadband provider in Wapping – it’s BT. Trouble is for many of us the BT Broadband service is slow and unreliable.So why not get... Read more »