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Due to slight distractions like reporting the fact that 17 Tower Hamlets councillors were corruptly elected in May 2014 and got away with it (so far – don’t give up the day... Read more »

Corruption enquiry widens to Tower Hamlets housing

Amidst the drama of last week’s ousting of the ex-Mayor we almost – but not quite – missed the Evening Standard report Tower Hamlets hit by new corruption claims in home repairs ‘rip-off’ on... Read more »

Survey reveals high number of estate agents in Tower Hamlets

The number of estate agents in Wapping High Street is often the subject of resident’s conversation, and new research by HouseSimple shows that there are 131 estate agents across Tower Hamlets.There are... Read more »
New building developments across Wapping

A Perfect Storm – will Wapping be choked by new developments?

News that the development of London Dock may require another vehicle entrance in Vaughan Way has highlighted an issue that could affect everyone in Wapping. A Perfect StormThere are currently four building... Read more »

High Speed Internet Starts To Crawl Across Wapping

Much excitement in <heart> Wapping HQ this morning after reading a little tweet from Wapping resident James Dunbar linking to this page on the Telephone Exchange site which states: Wapping Exchange Is... Read more »