Council closes One Stop Shops to provide better support for most vulnerable

One Stop Shops across the borough look set to close as Tower Hamlets Council looks set to merge their services into Idea Stores (aka libraries). Read more »

130,000 residents get free WiFi in first phase of £1.75m Council rollout

Tower Hamlets Council has approved a £1.75m of investment into free Wifi in town centres and social housing. Read more »

It’s official – broadband speeds in Wapping suck!

A map by the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) at University College London shows the abysmal state of broadband speeds in Tower Hamlets, especially Wapping. Read more »

BT to expand fibre broadband rollout in Tower Hamlets

No it is not April Fools Day and BT have said that they will expand fibre broadband rollout in Tower Hamlets.Seriously.Read the details below from a BT press release from last month we have... Read more »

Cherish the hub that brings Love Wapping into your life

Due to slight distractions like reporting the fact that 17 Tower Hamlets councillors were corruptly elected in May 2014 and got away with it (so far – don’t give up the day... Read more »