Study shows damage to lungs of Tower Hamlets school children caused by diesel pollution

A new study published in The Lancet indicates that the lung capacity of Tower Hamlets school age children could be reduced by up to 5% as a result of exposure to diesel... Read more »

President Trump claims Royal London hospital has ‘blood all over its walls’

In an exclusive interview with The Sun newspaper at the start of his visit to the UK US President Donald Trump has made another attack on the Royal London hospital, Whitechapel, claiming... Read more »

80% probability of Level 2 heatwave on Tuesday – cardigan sales plummet

Council warns of 80% probability of Level 2 heatwave on Tuesday. Heat-health watch vigilance states explained just in case it is quite warm. Council warns of 80% pr Read more »

Tower Hamlets constituencies have worst child poverty in UK

Bethnal Green and Bow along with Poplar and Limehouse have the worst and third worst rates of child poverty in the UK at 54.18% and52.75% respectively. Read more »

Charity Commission starts statutory inquiry into Island Health Trust

Charity Commission has launched a new statutory inquiry into the Island Health Trust charity after monitoring its activities since February 2017. Read more »