Cracks appear in Wapping High Street cobbles – none surprised

Cracks have appeared between the cobbles in Wapping High Street that were patched up just before Sunday's Big Half Baked Marathon event. Read more »

Big Half Marathon Lock In Report: What happened in Wapping

The Big Half Marathon has been run and some semblance of normality is returning to the streets of Wapping. Read more »

Big Half Marathon – final update and information for Wapping residents

Unless you have been living on Mars (or in an igloo) for the last week you will be aware that tomorrow Sunday 4th March the Big Half Marathon event will be coming... Read more »

Wapping & SKD Conservatives drag local campaigning into 21st century

Wapping and St. Katharine's Dock Conservatives (other political parties are available) have not only been making videos to get their message across to voters but also using Facebook to reach their target... Read more »

Big Half Baked Marathon update – Wapping Wardens required

Sunday 4th March is the Big Half Marathon. That means that anyone with a vehicle parked on the route through Wapping (Vaughan Way, Wapping High Street, Garnet Street) has to move it... Read more »