Kerb crawling not OK says council – organised prostitution rings in Wapping fine

Tower Hamlets council has once again demonstrated their complete ignorance of the reality of life in the borough by announcing the launch of their “Stop and Think” program aimed at tackling kerb... Read more »

Prostitution moves from Green Bank to Pennington Street

The prostitution activity that has been taking place in Green Bank has now moved up to Pennington Street next to London Dock.Reports from residents and a little snooping by LW seems to... Read more »

Prostitution problem in Green Bank evaporates into thin air

The prostitution problem in Wapping E1W that has concerned many residents may have been solved. Since Saturday night none of the usual vehicles and occupants have been seen in Green Bank. The photograph... Read more »

Green Bank prostitution – good news and bad news

A week after the news that Green Bank Wapping was home to a thriving prostitution industry here are some details of what has and has not changed.For various reasons LW knows Green Bank... Read more »

Organised prostitution in Wapping – response from MPS Tower Hamlets

Below is the full text of an email from Chief Inspector Martin Kirby of Limehouse Police Station in response to a formal enquiry by Cllr. Denise Jones about the current situation with... Read more »