Dramatic video shows moment of Vaughan Way car crash

Sam and Matt Melbye, owners of EA2 estate agents,  have had both their cars written off in a crash - for the second time. In October 2016 two BMWs belonging to the... Read more »

New (better, wider) speed bumps in Wapping High Street

Baffled as to why Wapping High Street has been closed for a few days? Baffle no more, the team from Riney have been busy putting in some lovely new speed bumps! Read more »

London Tunnel Run stuffed, Tower Hamlets residents well chuffed

The London Tunnel Run, an event that has caused huge amounts of annoyance and disruption to Tower Hamlets residents for years, may finally have come to an end. Read more »

Council to use CCTV system to hunt thugs in cars high on laughing gas

The extensive CCTV system in Tower Hamlets is to be used to attack the double curse of thugs driving dangerously while under the influence of Nitrous Oxide, aka ‘laughing gas.’ Read more »

If you want speed cameras installed in Wapping then sign this please

Many residents are angry that thugs in cars still drive around Wapping at speed and neither the police or Tower Hamlets council are doing anything about it. So the Liberal Democrats have... Read more »