Nitrous oxide is no laughing matter in Wapping

More and more Wapping residents are complaining about the large quantities of nitrous oxide canisters found every morning on our streets.And in case you don’t know what a nitrous oxide canister is... Read more »

Cllr. Dockerill asks Mayor & police to crack down on ‘boy racers’

Cllr. Julia Dockerill, Conservative councillor for our ward, has taken up the issue of the ‘boy racers’ that currently plague Wapping’s street with the Mayor and Tower Hamlets police. Early this morning,... Read more »

Kerzoom!!! Wapping’s streets host another Formula 1 night race (Moron Class)

Loud, wasn’t it? People across central Wapping had their sleep disturbed yet again in the early hours of the morning by boy racers driving round the streets at high speed.For approximately an... Read more »

Wapping E1W now a disposal ground for legal high drugs rubbish

Wapping E1W seems to be the dumping ground of choice for those in east London who want to get rid of their drugs rubbish in a nice quiet spot. Our Wildlife Rangers were... Read more »