Wapping’s parks contaminated by Anti-Social Behaviour as summer arrives

With the election sorted Wapping's residents are now looking to the new Labour council and in particular Cllr. Denise Jones and Cllr. Abdal Ullah to finally get to grips with the contamination... Read more »

Unchecked ASB in Wapping Gardens punctures election posturing

Six hours of unchecked anti-social behaviour (ASB) in Wapping Rose Gardens yesterday effectively denied one of Wapping’s green spaces to ordinary law-abiding people. Despite repeated calls by residents to 101 reporting this... Read more »

Tower Hamlets police impose premises closure order on Solander Gardens

Our Neighbourhood Policing Team have obtained a court Closure Order for communal areas in Solander Garden to give them greater powers to deal with ASB. Read more »

Police advice as Halloween ‘trick or treat’ hell descends upon us

Call it cultural imperialism, call it another way for supermarkets to squeeze money out of you, or just call it a complete pain in the arse - Halloween is nearly upon us. ... Read more »

Council to use CCTV system to hunt thugs in cars high on laughing gas

The extensive CCTV system in Tower Hamlets is to be used to attack the double curse of thugs driving dangerously while under the influence of Nitrous Oxide, aka ‘laughing gas.’ Read more »