Proposal for a Wapping Bus Gate in the High Street- have your say

At long last someone somewhere has decided that they should fix the massive traffic problems in Wapping and there is now a proposal for the installation of a Bus Gate restriction along... Read more »

Cllr. Ullah proposes drastic restrictions on walking dogs in Wapping Gardens

The council is holding a meeting in the One O'Clock Club, Wapping Gardens, tomorrow Wednesday, February 20th between 1.30 and 5 pm about 'refurbishing the playground' and it seems drastic restrictions on... Read more »

15 Chandler Street community centre update 07 November 2018

A small victory last Friday but the battle is not yet won. As previously reported as a last resort Christine Trumper of Community Solutions obtained a court injunction to stop the Council... Read more »

Wapping Hydraulic Power Station development exhibition Tuesday 13th November

There are plans to redevelop the Wapping Hydraulic Power Station and everyone is invited to an exhibition on Tuesday 13 November between 3.30pm and 7.30pm at, you guessed it, the Power Station. Read more »

Proposal for all day alcohol sales at new Wapping High Street restaurant (former site of Bordello)

The new owners of the restaurant on the old site of Il Bordello in Wapping High Street have applied for an all-day alcohol sales license. Comments on the application have to be... Read more »