Recall elections for bone idle local authority councillors

A 'recall election’ is a procedure whereby voters can remove an elected official from office before that official’s term has ended if they are perceived to be not properly discharging their duties.... Read more »

On Thursday 3rd May vote for radical change in Tower Hamlets

It is no longer safe to walk the streets of Wapping at night. It is also a fact that all the candidates of all the parties, both mayoral and local, make much... Read more »

Will St. Katharine and Wapping ward turn yellow this Thursday?

One of the many problems of Tower Hamlets is the lack of choice for middle-of-the-road voters in both local and mayoral elections. Do the Liberal Democrats provide a genuine option or will... Read more »

Guest Post: Terry McGrenera, ‘The Right of It’ and the local elections

This Guest Post on the local elections by Terry McGrenera was originally submitted as a post comment but LW decided that his views, which many will sympathise with, demanded a wider audience. Read more »

Some advice from a Bengali resident of Tower Hamlets to Lutfur Rahman

Guest post: Some advice from a Bengali resident of Tower Hamlets who is a former well-wisher, supporter and activist of Lutfur Rahman. Read more »