In 2020 we can abandon the directly-elected Mayor system (if we can be trusted to)

Directly-elected Mayors in Tower Hamlets have done as much for democracy as the film ‘Jaws’ did for swimming. So let's get rid of directly-elected Mayors and get back in the water! Read more »

Here is one way to deal with the Shemima Begum issue – do you agree?

In 2015, a British schoolgirl travels to join Daesh. In 2019 the individual tries to flee Daesh-held territory with her newborn baby from a Syrian refugee camp where she is eventually formally... Read more »

Brexit – how to lobby your Tower Hamlets MP to get it stopped

Local groups of people across the UK who don't align to any political philosophy but do know Brexit is a looming disaster are emailing their MPs and arranging visits to their surgeries.... Read more »

Raines House saga shows everything that is wrong with Tower Hamlets Council – Cllr. Wood

Comment piece by Cllr. Andrew Wood (Conservative, Canary Wharf) on Chandler Street and Raines House fiasco. Read more »

Countdown to chaos: two-year traffic jam from hell to descend upon Wapping

As the last remaining obstacle to the granting of planning permission for the Phoenix Wharf / King Henrys Wharves / Brewhouse Lane development has been brushed aside by the Council it seems... Read more »