Sign, Wapping Dock Street

Why not shop someone while doing your shopping?

Wapping Safer Neighbourhood Team Surgery at Waitrose 2nd AprilOK, you don’t need to ‘shop’ someone but it would be nice to kill two birds with one stone wouldn’t it? (Not that I... Read more »
Broken paving in Wapping Lane

Broken street? Then report it and get Tower Hamlets Council to fix it

Going to the shops shouldn’t be so dangerousWapping Lane has a great range of shops which means you can shop locally and put your cash back into the local economy rather than... Read more »
Sign, Wapping Dock Street

First wild raven seen in London since 1850

Wapping home to wild ravenIt’s a well known fact to people who live here that Wapping is teeming with wildlife. Foxes, herons, squirrels, huge carp in the canal, numerous small birds of... Read more »
Pennington Street raid

Bam! Zok! Pow! Pennington Street raided by police

Zzzzzwap! Bam! Zok! Pow! Kapow! Biff! Pam! Thunk Whamm Well it probably wasn't quite like the Caped Crusader sorting out The Joker but the problems premises at 110 Pennington Street had... Read more »
Sign, Wapping Dock Street

Be aware of ‘Love Film’ men in Wapping E1

Hello!Just a quick post to warn everyone that a man has been knocking on doors in Wapping supposedly selling Love Film subscriptions. Description of ‘Love Film’ suspected scammer in Wapping Black male... Read more »