Sign, Wapping Dock Street

First Wapping Wander 9th June

Fancy a wander? I spend a lot of time wandering around Wapping and I know other people do too so maybe we could wander in a group? No purpose at allIn true... Read more »
Sign, Wapping Dock Street

An East End rebuke

“If you don’t make that the last cut mate I’ll cut you!”(In response to a neighbour using a circular saw at 10pm on Sunday night) Read more »

Hermitage Pond birds

I spent two or three hours this morning at Hermitage Pond.  There is a great variety of small birds who live in and around the pond and at various times I literally... Read more »

Wapping squirrels plan own Neighbourhood Forum – ‘Network Nuts’

Word reaches Love Wapping that Brown Paws and Thin Tail, two of Wapping’s brightest squirrels, are considering proposing their own Neighbourhood Forum. They have decided to call this ‘Network Nuts’ to reflect... Read more »

Cygnet hitching a ride with his mum, Shadwell Basin, Wapping

The swans nesting on the raft in the middle of Shadwell Basin have given birth to three cygnets in the last couple of days.As you can see from the photos below one... Read more »