Two arrested for attempted murder after stabbing in Trafalgar Gardens E1

Two males have been arrested for attempted murder after the stabbing of a man after police were called to reports of a fight at the basketball courts at Trafalgar Gardens, just off... Read more »

Kerb crawling not OK says council – organised prostitution rings in Wapping fine

Tower Hamlets council has once again demonstrated their complete ignorance of the reality of life in the borough by announcing the launch of their “Stop and Think” program aimed at tackling kerb... Read more »

Crackdown on student protesters threatens future stability of Bangladesh

A ruthless crackdown is underway in Bangladesh as the government attempts to stifle dissent among the young. Read more »

Post-blitz Wapping – 1948 photos show our community rebuilding after Second World War

A series of photographs capturing Wapping as it rebuilt after the Second World War entitled 1948:Docklands before 'Docklands' has been published. Read more »

Wildlife under threat as takeover of Shadwell Basin by swimmers continues

The numerous unauthorised swimmers in Shadwell Basin have ignored polite requests not to swim in the old dock and have now decided to remodel it based on their own needs to the... Read more »