Aims and Objectives of Love Wapping Action Group

The objective of Love Wapping Action Group is to protect and promote Wapping London E1W as a place to live, work and visit.

How will Love Wapping Action Group achieve its objectives?

  • By being an open, inclusive and democratic group that works in a proper manner for the good of Wapping
  • Submit an application to Tower Hamlets Council for a Wapping Neighbourhood Planning Forum.
  • Protect our unique urban landscape (cobbles and all!)
  • Promote Wapping as a great place to visit, especially for a Sunday walk along the Thames or a pub lunch
  • Organise a properly signposted Wapping history trail
  • Encourage tourism
  • Support local businesses
  • Monitor local planning applications
  • Get the broken pavements fixed
  • Work with St. George, the developers of London Dock, to ensure minimal disruption during building work and that the final development is faithful to the nature of Wapping
  • Consider way to enhance areas such as Wapping Woods and Shadwell Basin to minimise Anti Social Behaviour and make them safe places for people to enjoy
  • Source funding for orientation boards at key points on the river and the old docks
  • Monitor and protect our amazing variety of wildlife, especially our Egyptian geese
  • Inform residents of local developments that might affect them
  • Support the Save King Edward Memorial Park (Save KEMP) campaign to stop Thames Water destroying our local park
  • Campaign for a new Wapping Pier
  • Ensure free access for all to the River Thames
  • Encourage use of the river for transport
  • Establish a Wapping community centre
  • Research and identify any funding for which the Love Wapping Action Group may be eligible
  • Establish links with existing community groups such as Save KEMP, Friends of St. Katharine Docks, Wapping Bangladeshi Association and the Limehouse Community Forum
  • ¬†Any other activities in pursuit of our Primary Objective as stated above

4 thoughts on “Aims and Objectives of Love Wapping Action Group

  1. ‘Wapping rather unknown’? The more you talk about it the more ‘known’ it becomes, sadly. As the excess of estate agents here verifies, plus the events at Tobacco Dock, Wapping is very much known.


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