Aims and Objectives of Love Wapping Action Group

The objective of Love Wapping Action Group is to protect and promote Wapping London E1W as a place to live, work and visit.

How will Love Wapping Action Group achieve its objectives?

  • By being an open, inclusive and democratic group that works in a proper manner for the good of Wapping
  • Submit an application to Tower Hamlets Council for a Wapping Neighbourhood Planning Forum.
  • Protect our unique urban landscape (cobbles and all!)
  • Promote Wapping as a great place to visit, especially for a Sunday walk along the Thames or a pub lunch
  • Organise a properly signposted Wapping history trail
  • Encourage tourism
  • Support local businesses
  • Monitor local planning applications
  • Get the broken pavements fixed
  • Work with St. George, the developers of London Dock, to ensure minimal disruption during building work and that the final development is faithful to the nature of Wapping
  • Consider way to enhance areas such as Wapping Woods and Shadwell Basin to minimise Anti Social Behaviour and make them safe places for people to enjoy
  • Source funding for orientation boards at key points on the river and the old docks
  • Monitor and protect our amazing variety of wildlife, especially our Egyptian geese
  • Inform residents of local developments that might affect them
  • Support the Save King Edward Memorial Park (Save KEMP) campaign to stop Thames Water destroying our local park
  • Campaign for a new Wapping Pier
  • Ensure free access for all to the River Thames
  • Encourage use of the river for transport
  • Establish a Wapping community centre
  • Research and identify any funding for which the Love Wapping Action Group may be eligible
  • Establish links with existing community groups such as Save KEMP, Friends of St. Katharine Docks, Wapping Bangladeshi Association and the Limehouse Community Forum
  • ¬†Any other activities in pursuit of our Primary Objective as stated above

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