Wapping Bus Gate restrictions for residents who are Blue Badge holders

Liveable Streets? Snazzy name for a program to make our streets better by installing things like the Wapping Bus Gate.  Reality is that for Wapping residents who are Blue Badge mobility holders their lives have been made absolutely miserable.

Quite how anyone can only think about the issue of Blue Badge exemptions for the bus gate only until after it has been deployed is beyond us. Maybe our new MP can help us get this sorted?

Only joking!

Failing that we can just do it ourselves like we usually do.

Local resident Chris ‘Eagle Eyes’ Jackson has been on on the case with Tower Hamlets Council about the Blue Badge exemptions and has just sent LW the below letter from the Council which, to the author’s credit, admits a few delays.  It’s nice to get the truth sometimes. Thanks Mehmet!

All well and good but residents reliant on their Blue Badge to get their children to and from school are suffering today. The letter states that “we are reviewing the situation for disabled people as a matter of urgency” which is great to hear.

There is also mention of the new electric 100 buses.

A better response would be to deactivate the Wapping bus gate immediately until there is a sensible solution proposed which Blue Badge holders agree with.


Many thanks to Chris Jackson for his patience in pursuing this issue.

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  1. According to londonbusroutes.net the new electric buses on the 100 are due around the New Year (28/12 to 3/1), and I’m pretty sure I just saw one with a trade plate testing out the route.

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