Apsana Begum allegedly sends emails to Tower Hamlets Labour party pretending to be John McDonnell MP

Apsana Begum has allegedly emailed Tower Hamlets Labour Party members urging them to vote for herself as the next Parliamentary candidate for Poplar & Limehouse while passing off the email as being sent by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.

No seriously! Look, we have the email in question! (Addressee redacted, natch.)

Screen grab of email allegedly from Apsana Begum. Or the Shadow Chancellor. (Big red hands added by LW for fun!)

Although maybe there is another more subtle explanation?

Maybe John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor and MP for Hayes & Harlington and generally decent bloke is really behind this? Not much going on in national politics at the moment so he probably has time on his hands, no?

Here is the Wapping Mole’s Very Clever Theory about #apsanagate… read on!

“Principled representatives urgently needed”

Apsana Begum er… John McDonnell (who is a very nice guy by all accounts) has sent every member of Poplar & Limehouse Labour Party a lovely email explaining why Apsana is the woman of the moment! Here is what he Apsana Begum said:

“I am backing me Apsana because I she represents a new generation of candidates committed to building a grassroots Labour movement and would fight to make sure Poplar and Limehouse is a constituency that works for the many, not the few. We urgently need principled representatives like me Apsana in Westminster, that will never shy away from standing up and speaking truth to power.”

Well that’s good enough for us! Not that we get a vote or anything. But if we did it would be!

Let’s face it, as Apsana Begum John McDonnell says, we so urgently need principled representatives like Apsana Begum in Westminster that will stand up for the ordinary Momentum member resident in the street.

OK, so there is a teeny weeny problem with this email. And by teeny weeny we mean huge. And by huge we mean elephant compared to an ickle wickle little mousey.

Have you guessed what it is yet? No? Have a closer look.

From: John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor apsanaforpoplarlimehouse@gmail.com

Date: 20 October 2019 at 10:05:37 BST

To: A TH Labour Party member

Subject: Why I am backing Apsana

Reply-To: apsanaforpoplarlimehouse@gmail.com

Exactly! For some odd reason John McDonnell is so shy about backing Apsana Begum for Parliament he has chosen to use a Google Mail address! Hers!  apsanaforpoplarlimehouse@gmail.com Fancy that!

This is eerily similar to Apsana’s latest twitter handle, @ApsanaForPL.

Here comes the mic drop

Strange though that nobody told John that just because you put someone else’s name in the ‘From’ settings of your email configuration that does not change the actual real email address it comes from.

So everyone can see it!

John McDonnell is a pretty sharp cookie which makes this even odder.

Moley was just about to come out on strike in solidarity with Apsana Begum because the Shadow Chancellor was using her email address when we had another think.

Mic drop!

What? Apsana? You didn’t? You haven’t? An urgently needed principled representative like you? Nooooooooooooooooo!

Reputation of borough politics ruined

And in Tower Hamlets! A member of the local Labour Party! What have you done woman?

Oh. Right.

PS Apsana, obviously this was a terrible mistake / conspiracy theory / really bad idea / shows everyone why you should not be allowed anywhere near Parliament Square let alone the House of Commons / so please email us the truth via hello@lovewapping.org and we will let everyone know what the real story is behind this email.

End note

Do say: Solidarity comrade!

Don’t say: What a muppet.

On a more serious tone many thanks to @LabourSpectator for bringing this to our attention (see below) and another person who is one of Mole’s best sources for forwarding us the email from er, whoever it was from.


And for some reason Apsana has now protected her tweets! How can she engage with the electorate now?

Something to hide Apsana?

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8 thoughts on “Apsana Begum allegedly sends emails to Tower Hamlets Labour party pretending to be John McDonnell MP

  1. As Nick says above, this is not the scoop you think it is, but a simple nation builder thing. Surprised that this is news to you.

  2. McDonnell *did* endorse her. I think it’s just that they are daft about sending emails which don’t look dodgy.

    1. Nobody is saying he did not. Issue is who sent the email? For those who don’t know one of the hallmarks of the Lutfur Rahman administration was dodgy emails and use of residents personal data without their consent.

  3. It’s the mailing system they use – something like Nationbuilder. I used to get these all the time as a member, quite often titled from Jeremy Corbyn but it turned out to be related to a local issue.

  4. This is absolutely disgraceful. This is the technique used by email scammers to commit fraud. I wonder if the recipients of this mail know how to check the real sender of the mail. I hope John McDonald takes serious action.

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