Wapping Bus Gate – It’s a gate! For the bus!

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There are two elected representatives for the ward of St. Katharine’s and Wapping, Cllr. Abdal Ullah and Cllr. Denise Jones. Not only were they elected to represent your views but they are also paid to do this.

Your local councillors Denise Jones and Abdal Ullah.

So if you have concerns, have a query or need some clarification on a bus gate issue they very first people you need to contact are them. It’s called democracy apparently.

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5 thoughts on “Wapping Bus Gate – It’s a gate! For the bus!

  1. From the conclusion of the report: “40% of all responders’ state that Wapping residents should be exempt, again this is supported by those within the consultation area (51%) but not the wider Tower Hamlets area who think only buses and cyclists should be allowed through (53%).”

    That’s three misleading stats in one sentence. Taking them one-by-one and referring to the table for Q4 in the report:
    (1) the majority of all responders (53%) want exemption for at least some local residents, but by giving two locale options (south of The Highway, or south of the ornamental canal), the questionnaire designers (inadvertently?!) guarantee the vote will be split (40% and 13% respectively);
    (2) within the consultation area, an overwhelming majority (69%) want exemption for at least some local residents (one or other of the two locales);
    (3) the “53%” from the wider Tower Hamlets area relates to just 55 responders i.e. an earth-shattering 2.5% of all responders.

    I am in favour of the bus gate, and I would consider a cost argument (e.g. that of maintaining links to the DVLA databases and dealing with disputes) as being a reasonable consideration against local exemptions.
    But I’m not in favour of consultations which appear to spin the results to what I guess was a foregone conclusion. Good governance would have the evaluation methodology and criteria published in advance.

    1. Thanks for that Xavier, your observations about the validity of the consultation method seem to be a common complaint.

    2. As a thought on the enforcement process, regarding needing to maintain a link to the DVLA data base.. This is necessary anyway to levy fines and indeed allow for exemptions which will apply but are not mentioned by TH (for example for emergency vehicles and the maritime police). Also for legal reasons there needs to be a dispute resolution process, since local residents may need to exit in an emergency, for example a medical emergency.

  2. So we have a bus gate in wapping perfectly situated between knighten street and Sampson street and giving the dozen or so residents that live there some respite from the rush hour rat run from the highway. Let us not give a thought of the children aged 3 to 11 years that attend st Peters and Hermitage schools who have to suck in the pollution every day. I just wonder what or who could have influenced Tower Hamlets Council to come up with this debacle

  3. I have had my initial doubts confirmed.
    This week Wapping High Street was closed to traffic from Wapping Station onwards.
    The “Rat Run” traffic turned right into Wapping Lane, turned left into Pennington Street onto highway.
    All during the rush hour, Wapping Lane became the new “Rat Run” as I suspected would be the case.
    Once again the elite on Wapping High Street have thier way at the expense of the rest of us.

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