Tower Hamlets Homes inaction shows true value of UK Housing Awards

Residents of Willoughby House in Wapping don’t understand why Tower Hamlets Homes (THH) won the UK Housing Awards ‘Landlord of the Year’ award in May as their complaints about weeds growing on their roof have been ignored for three months.

Despite tenants repeatedly contacting Tower Hamlets Homes nothing has been done and the weeds have continued to thrive. Result? The weeds have now damaged the roof to such an extent that water is now coming through when it rains.

Weeds growing on roof of Willoughby House, Wapping

These photographs taken by one of the residents clearly shows the extent of the problem in two places on the roof.

It seems likely that if Tower Hamlets Homes undertook a proper inspection they would find more weeds doing more damage.

Known as the ‘Oscars of the housing world’, the UK Housing Awards, run by the Chartered Institute of Housing, showcase the best performers in the housing sector.

Which makes THH tenants wonder what the worst performers are like.

Weeds growing on roof of Willoughby House, Wapping

Hopefully THH might now realise that if they had shown any attention to the original complaints they might not now have to conduct expensive structural repairs.

This is presuming THH can now be bothered to do their jobs.

It was announced this week that Tower Hamlets Homes would continue to manage 22,000 homes on behalf of the council after an independent review ‘involving extensive conversations with stakeholders, staff and customers.’

Seems nobody talked to any of the residents at Willoughby House. Maybe everyone was out that day?

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