Hilary’s observed Wapping Bus Report for Wednesday 14th August

Yes folks Hilary has been out and about again checking on the Wapping bus situation for you! How kind is that? Here is her Daily Wapping Bus Report! No reading from dodgy schedules for her – she actually observes stuff!

Over to you Hilary!

“It’s a welcome return of the much missed D3 – which is back fully on route & serving Wapping in both directions.

The 100 remains on diversion to St Paul’s; still missing all stops between Wapping Health Centre – stop L until back on route at Dundee St – stop S. So coming straight down Wapping Lane & turning right onto the High St & not serving Clegg St – stop M; Garnet St – stop N; Wapping Wall – stop P or Wapping Station – stop R but remains unaffected upon return route.


Revision – 100 as of 2 minutes ago – observed back on route serving Wapping Station Stop R.

Hope that’s the end of it but we’ll just have to see….”

Thanks for that Hilary, now back to the studio. Quite why those two are smooching on the couch we have no idea.

LW television studio

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