A week of rolling Wapping road works and bus diversions (in case nobody told you)

Another week of rolling roadworks in Wapping causing general chaos and confusion, especially so as nobody bothered to tell us and our Councillors couldn’t be arsed to find out.

Nothing new there then.

LW is very grateful to Wapping resident Hilary who is now the Official Love Wapping Road Works Monitor! Well done Hilary! (This appointment will come as a complete surprise to her but we think she is more than up to the task.)

So take it away Hilary!

Both 100 and D3 still diverted

Looks like it is to be a week of rolling Wapping road works – not very well advertised anywhere – more ad hoc bus stop & road closures! So just in case you weren’t aware…

Since yesterday Monday 12th both 100 and D3 routes still on diversion (day two).

The 100 bus to St Paul’s is now missing all stops between Wapping Health Centre – stop L until back on route at Dundee St – stop S, so not serving Clegg St – M; Garnet St – N; Wapping Wall – P or Wapping Station – R but unaffected upon return.

No Wapping D3

The D3 to Leamouth on the other hand isn’t even visiting Wapping as it’s by-passing on the Highway!

Last stop Chapman St – stop C; until Free Trade Wharf – stop LP; as it’s avoiding Tobacco Dock – J; Wapping Health Centre – L; Wapping Station – E; Monza St – F; Shadwell Basin; N; Kind Edward Memorial Park – N with the corresponding same route missing upon the return route.

TfL as about much use as the proverbial chocolate tea-pot.

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LW Comment

Well said Hilary and thanks for your roadworks news.

Note to Transport for London and our local Councillors: If Hilary can do this why on earth can’t you?

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