Raines Foundation school closure: a demonstration, shy Labour councillors and lots of meetings!

Parents, current pupils, old pupils, Raine’s trustees, residents, Mickey Ambrose, community supporters, both Tower Hamlets Conservative councillors and the Tower Hamlets Liberal Democrat councillor attended the Raines Foundation school protest on Friday – but not a single Labour councillor.

The proposed closure of Raines Foundation secondary school came as a shock to both parents and pupils when news of the decision finally emerged. 

School staff considered the threat of widespread zombie demonstrator public disorder people asking questions to be so great that they closed one hour early so not as many pupils were at the protest as hoped.

Protestors against the closure of Raine’s Foundation secondary school

Despite this according to Cllr. Andrew Wood (Conservative, Canary Wharf) many good questions were raised and there was agreement that parents and pupils should get answers to them.

A radical concept in Tower Hamlets. Could even catch on.

Pupils wrote their questions on a whiteboard at the protest.

Meetings galore

Two public meetings have now been arranged one at 6pm on 19th June at Oaklands School, the other at 6pm on 26th June at Raine’s Foundation School. You can find out more details here. 

On 25th June there is the first meeting of the Childrens Scrutiny Committee, this is the first chance for parents and others to ask questions about the Raines Foundation school closure

Cllr’s Woods, Peter Golds (Conservative, Island Gardens) and Rabina Khan (Liberal Democrat, Shadwell) say that the best opportunity for residents to apply pressure on Council to provide answers to their questions is the Wednesday 17th July Council meeting – and there will be a protest from 6.30pm outside the Town Hall.

Attend one meeting – get a free demo! Bargain.

Raines petition needs more valid signatures

Those opposed to the closure of Raines Foundation school, or even people just opposed to the closure of any school, can sign the petition ‘Stop the closure of Raines Foundation Secondary School’ here.

Father Ted always led radical protest by personal example.

At the time of publication over 2,700 people had signed but residents are reminded that the Council won’t count signatories with addresses outside London or those with no postcode.

There needs to be over 2,000 valid signatures to ensure a council debate about the closure of Raines Foundation school at the 17th July Council meeting.

So if you live, work or study in the borough, have a connection with the school or just think consultations should be carried out before decisions are made you know what to do.

“With 300 years of history and pupils from across East London we need to be 100% sure parents, pupils, the Council, councillors and all stakeholders are making good and informed decisions rather then rushed into it,” said Cllr. Woods.

Discrete solidarity? Or just nosing around?

Despite no Labour councillors bothering to turn up to the Raines Foundation school demo, Moley is reliably informed that two Labour councillors, Sabina Akthar (Labour, Stepney Green) and Asma Islam (Labour, Mile End) did pay a discrete visit to the demo organised by Cllr. Rabina Khan against the proposed closure of the borough’s One Stop Shops at Whitechapel.

Unusual for Labour councillors to be so shy, although this sudden aversion to personal publicity may explain why not a single Labour councillor from any ward, let alone that of Raine’s Foundation school. could be bothered to attend.

So who are the local councillors for Raines?

All borough councillors should be engaged with this issue but when LW last suggested contacting local Labour councillors much angst was generated on Twitter, proving that some councillors have enough energy to press some buttons without leaving their chair but not enough to get out on the street and do their jobs.

LW has since double checked which ward Raines Foundation secondary inhabits and it is, according to the Mysociety Ward Finder, definitely St. Peter’s.

The councillors for St. Peter’s ward are Councillor Kevin Brady, Councillor Tarik Khan and Councillor Gabriela Salva McAllan.

Councillor Kevin Brady, Councillor Gabriela Salva McAllan and Councillor Tarik Khan

You can check their contact details here or consult our handy guide below!

Councillor Kevin Brady

Email:  Kevin.Brady@towerhamlets.gov.uk

Mobile:  07943 159386

Twitter :  @Kevin_J_Brady

Councillor Tarik Khan

Email:  Tarik.Khan@towerhamlets.gov.uk

Mobile:  07950 414248

Twitter :  @Tarikahmedkhan

Councillor Gabriela Salva Macallan

Email:  Gabriela.Salva-Macallan@towerhamlets.gov.uk

Mobile:  07528807599

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