Safety of nation guaranteed as raven chicks born at Tower of London

Raven chicks have been born at the Tower of London – aka Our Local Fort – for the first time in 30 years, so ensuring the continuing safety of the nation. So whatever the final result of the Brexit nonsense we will all be fine! The baby ravens are the result of the Tower’s very own breeding programme.

Legend has it that if the ravens should ever leave the Tower the kingdom will fall. Not good.

Yeoman Warder Chris Scaife, Ravenmaster at Tower of London, said he was thrilled to welcome the four new baby raven chicks.

Tower of London Ravenmaster Chris Scaife with one of the new raven chicks (Photo: Historic Royal Palaces)

Proud father Chris Scaife

“Parents Huginn and Muninn only came to us quite recently and having worked with the ravens at the Tower for the last thirteen years I feel like a proud father!”

Chris said that he first thought baby ravens might be on the way when Huginn and Muninn built a huge nest overnight (of course it’s a huge next, it’s in Our Local Fort!) then on 23rd April he noticed them going to the nest with food.

He has only been able to get up close to the nest and check what was going on in the last few days so as not to disturb the raven parents.

As Ravenmaster Chris knows better than anyone you do not mess with the Tower Ravens!

You can follow Chris on Twitter for a daily dose of raven info and cheeky raven pics.

Quail, mice and rats on the menu

Proud parents Huginn (the dad) and Muninn (the mum) are working as a team to keep the hungry raven chicks fed during this crucial development stage, Huginn prepares the food and then passes it to Muninn for feeding.

The chicks have grown rapidly in the last three weeks on a yummy diet of quail, mice and rats.

The Tower usually has six ravens at any one time and there are currently seven plus the breeding pair and the chicks.

In addition to Huginn and Muninn the other ravens are Harris, Gripp, Jubilee, Rocky, Erin, Poppy and of course the ever popular and regal Merlina.

One of the chicks will stay at the Tower and will be named either George or Georgina in honour of being born on St. Georges Day. The other chicks will go to specialist breeders.

Read about the Tower ravens

Ravenmaster Chris has recently had huge success with his book ‘The Ravenmaster – my life with the ravens at the Tower of London’ which is published by Macmillan in the US and 4thEstate Books in the UK or from all booksellers who wish to keep their heads attached to their bodies. Highly recommended.

You can also read more about the Ravenmaster here. 

Raven chicks beaks turn black as they grow (Photo: Historic Royal Palaces)

Hamlets of the Tower residents reduced admission

Although the baby ravens will not be on duty for some months yet residents of the hamlets of the Tower can get in to have a look at the rest of the ravens for only £1 with proof of ID and residence.

LW Comment

Hooray! The Wapping Mole says he expects a visit at Mole Towers from the new arrivals to Our Local Fort whenever they feel up for a short flight so he can give them a briefing on other threats to the nation that lurk in the shadows of the hamlets of the Tower.

It is understood the Wapping Squirrels have politely declined an invitation to come along too as they were not promised any nuts and felt they might end up being the entree.

Best Moley gets the quails and rats ready.

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