Police try to identify man (or ghost) who illegally entered Tower of London

Someone has broken into Our Local Fort – aka the Tower of London.

Officers from the Central East Command Unit are appealing to the public – that’s you – to help identify a man who illegally entered the Tower of London last month.

Have you seen this ghost man?

All they have given us is the photo below of a ghostly image wandering through Our Local Fort, no description or anything. (Note to Metropolitan Police – always handy to provide a description when trying to track someone down in our humble opinion.)

CCTV image of man in ground of Tower of London at night.
Have you seen this man? Or a ghost that looks like him?

This happened at about 22:50hrs on Saturday, 6 April when the man entered the grounds of Tower of London when it was closed.

Well obviously it was closed! If it was open he wouldn’t be in trouble would he?

Our description of the suspect is a ghostly looking man who is quite tall and skinny without a Tower of London guide book or a “I met the Tower of London Ravens” badge.  Which is suspect in itself.

The man was challenged by Tower of London security and ran off and was last seen climbing (or floating?) down towards the foreshore of the Thames near St Katherine Docks.

Anyone with any information is asked to call police on 101 or contact via Twitter @MetCC quoting CAD2706/14MAY.

Mystery solved!

The Love Wapping Mystery Analysts (Historical Branch) have taken a closer look at the image the police sent us and, after some special treatment of the shadow areas, think we have solved the mystery as you can see below.

Woo! Woooooooo! Wooooooooooooo!

Anything you want to tell us SEAL Team 6?

Either that or the fabled US Special Forces SEAL Team 6 are not quite as sharp as they like to make out and Osama Bin Laden is alive and well and living in the Tower of London.

LW would like to remind Osama that as a Tower Hamlets resident all he has to do is prove his residence in the borough and he can get in to Our Local Fort for only a quid! Bargain!

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